Install Subversion on Bluehost, configuring subversion client on Windows and Mac OS X

Been using Version Control System on our company projects for a couple of years now. I’ve installed Subversion before on a dedicated Linux hosting(Known Host) and everything is straightforward since I have root access.

Recently my personal hosting account with bluehost got renewed and I’m not really utilizing the server that much I figured to try installing subversion on Bluehost to make my hosting more useful. As far as I have tried I can only connect via svn+ssh and not through http as I dont have access to apache to add on my shared hosting account unless I upgrade to a dedicated host which is not what I want. I documented the steps I took just in case someone will find them useful on setting up theirs.

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Reset Administrator Password for Vista or XP

Over consecutive weeks I have couple of friend and a cousin who cannot use their laptops because they forgot or dont know the password for the administrator to login.
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WordPress parse error: syntax error on PHP 5.2.x

Here is a short WordPress troubleshooting tutorial for theme tweaking.

A theme I’m working on runs fine and was tested on PHP 4.3.x locally in my machine, I tried testing on PHP 5.2.x and I immediately encountered syntax error on WordPress. Traced the problem to be inside the Loop in WordPress. Sharing it here for those having hard time making their themes work on their host.

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