Where did my homepage PR go?

My Google Toolbar got corrupted about two weeks ago and I didn’t pay much attention to it, all sites I visited Pagerank were showing “No PageRank Information Available”. On this blog my PR was 3/10 for almost several months now. I reinstalled the Google Toolbar last night and saw that my PR has vanished. From what I know this happens only when you get banned from Google from doing some Black Hat SEO tricks. Well I wasn’t doing any, plus some of my post still has Pageranks but not the homepage. Researching it further I found this is happening to some sites owners as well. No one has a clue. I checked Google Webmaster Tools and my site is being crawled periodically, I checked my log files and .htaccess file.. all is well.

So far the only thing not right is the robots.txt file which I rarely modify has no data in it. It’s missing

User-agent: *
Allow: /

So I added it back and I’ll check in the next few days if my PR returns to normal.

Increase your Pagerank or PR

I love launching new websites and work on the SEO to build traffic then sit back and watch the fruits of your labor grow. This is the time you push yourself to learn the ins and out of SEO. I’m covering the topic of increasing your page rank or PR again. My new site Get Rich Talks was in time for a recent PR ranking by Google being fairly new which is only a week old, 0/10 is better than “Not Available”.
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