Got my first speedlight flash

With the recent resurgent of my enthusiasm with photography, I bought my first low budget lighting system, I don’t want to spend too much on equipments without fully understanding them, my new code is to get experience and knowledge first then do the upgrade, reason why most enthusiasts wallets get burned is they buy on impulse.

I bought a YN-460 II speedlight from a seller in sulit,  cheapest of all the other flash system, so far still tinkering with it to fully understand all the aspects. Took some unboxing pics below

First thing I noticed is the image is crispier when I zoom I can see more details on the subject, the shot is more crispier and sharp.

Here are sample shots I took of our puppy chichi

With the normal builtin flash

With the YN-460 II power level 7 / flash pointed upward

Shutter 1/60
Aperture F5.6
ISO 200

Enrolled in Digital Photography Workshop for Beginners

Trying to accomplish one of my goals for 2011, I decided to take beginners workshop in photography. I know I could learn through the internet by self study but this time I decided to enroll in a workshop as I feel this type of hobby/craft is more enjoyable to learn with a group of other enthusiast. Plus I didn’t want to be in front of the computer even on my day off on Saturdays.

So for the first day I already learned alot of things, I know a bit on apperture, shutter speed and other stuffs by reading the manual. But now I know more on when they are applicable to use and the limits my kit lens have which is an 18mm-55mm 1:f3.5-f5.6. So I need a bigger apperture for my needs which is doing portrait shots and some photo journalism. Also found a the “bulb” feature I never thought was there and got some basic crash course on lighting techniques.

Some key points.

  • 1/60 is the ideal shutter speed to capture motion but depending on the apperture  limit of the lens, the subject could be dark. Decreasing the shutter speed would pass more light and fix the issue but motion blur is noticeable.
  • For using a offcamera flash 1/125 is the ideal setting so flash is synchronize with the shutter.
  • Looking forward to next session. Took some demo shots of our instructor Ruston Banal, check out his works at

    Offcam Flash using SB-600 and Photix IR

    Continuous Light 100watts.

    Bulb technique on light painting

    Taking up Photography

    Been a very busy month and couldn’t find time to write a blog til now but I wanted to update you on somethings I have been doing.  I mentioned on my about page I’m a jack of all trades, now some new skill got added. I’m now into photography too. Just recently I finally got my first DSLR. A Nikon D60 kit with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR.


    I could have gotten a D90 or D5000 but I opted to the most practical thing to my budget now.  I’ll add a new section on my blog for photography for tracking my improvement. Here are couple shots where I was practicing the aperture for blurring the background.

    Picture 117

    Picture 126
    Picture 127