MacBook Pro won’t boot(sniff)

Been using my MacBook Pro regularly for the past several months I even accidentally dropped it when my bag was not close properly and it slid out to floor 4-5 months ago once but still it runs perfectly well. Today after using it the battery got drained. I hooked up the charger and behold, it won’t boot. Just a black screen with the sleep mode indicator in the led blinking softly. After a quick Google search it appears this is common on MBP. There are several steps to try and troubleshoot.

Holding the power button for 10 seconds, I hear the disc churn and spin and I can hear the fan spinning, but the screen remains black.

And I have already tried the PRAM reset too- remove charger, remove power, then press power button for 5 seconds,then put battery back.

So far no luck.

I fear for the worst. The most last solution I read is to bring it to an apple support and I would likely get the response that the logic board is damaged. I don’t have the warranty or the receipt. I feel a flaw on Apple policy regarding these problem. If they know that this is common on MBP then under warranty or not, they should replace it.

In the meantime I’ll keep troubleshooting and update.