Fixing power problems with your LG Flatron Monitor (LG1753S)

A couple of days ago during the weekend, I booted up my trusted pc lo and behold I heard the Windows startup sound but my LG monitor (LG1753S) screen is blank. I had this monitor for about 3 or 4 years now without any glitch. Used to leave it open for 72 hours sometimes. And this time it had failed to start up. So after checking the power is properly plugged, I shut down my pc again. Turned off the EPS and turn back on, the monitor power lit up(hooray?) but after a few seconds, its gone again.

So its final my LG screen is dead. After a couple of googling on my alternate internet device(HTC Hero), I found out it’s easy to fix. Thanks to this website for the amazing archive of fixing LCDs. Just several capacitors failing me, being the jack of all trade that I am I decided I’ll fix it myself. I went to my trusted electronics shop and purchased some capacitors according to the article, but found out it wasn’t the right one. LOL. I opened up the monitor and upon inspection, the capacitor ratings are 4 1000uf 25v, 1 470uf 25v and 1 680uf 25v high temp. So back to the electronics shop. So after removing the old capacitors and soldering the new ones. The Monitor is good and alive again. Cost around $3 only for the whole thing.

Sorry for no pictures as the pictures got corrupted.

So a little bit of guts and the need to save on service fee, just DIY(Do-It-Yourself), make sure you have the right tools and check the ratings of the capacitors before purchasing.

    • Phillips Screwdriver
    • Soldering Iron
    • 1000uf 25v
    • 470uf 25v
    • 680uf 25v

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Capturing from a miniDV to a PC

Well this is sort of a short review and a tutorial on how to capture from a minDV Sony handycam to your PC.

But before that here are some background. I still have this Sony DCR-HC48 camcorder that I bought couple of years ago back when HD camcorder were still pretty expensive about $800-$1500. With the Sony DCR HC series you can transfer video only with a i.LINK cable to firewire. The USB cable is only used to transfer still images. Firewire offers the best quality video transfer unlike USB methods for capturing from still tapes.

To get started on a PC you need to an i.LINK cable, a good capture card and a good capture software, I suggest you go for the PCI-Express capture cards and not the PCI version as it would soon be obsolete, plus PCI-E is more faster.

The one I bought is a Belkin 3-Port firewire PCI-E. So just open up your pc and install it on the PCI-E slot. It’s plug and play so no required drivers when you start your PC.

Belkin 3 Port Firewire PCI-E Card

Belkin 3 Port Firewire PCI-E Card

Belkin 3 Port Firewire PCI-E Card

Belkin 3 Port Firewire PCI-E Card



i.LINK Cable

i.LINK Cable

For the capture software I used the software that came with the Sony DCR, I found that it offers better depth than Windows Movie Maker. I didn’t try it yet on commercially sold video editors which has built in capture features.

Below is a sample video captured then I re-saved the file using Windows Media Player to reduce filesize but with a bit of quality loss. (btw the one with fairy costume is my daughter)

Overall that is how to get started. The firewire PCI-E is amazingly fast and produced no drop frames. Windows Media Player capture quality is kinda poor so go look into other capture software.

On a different note I used to use an MacBook Pro before for capturing videos. Another reason why I love a Mac which by review comes with almost the complete ports which includes the i.LINK firewire port plus comes with a free powerful software iMovie for capturing and editing movies.

Enabling a New Installed SATA Drive

Just got a new SATA drive, if you have your primary drive as an IDE and install a new SATA drive, it won’t show up instantly when you go to My Computer. That is because the drive is not formatted yet. To fix this you need to format the drive and assign a label. Here are the simple steps.

After the device has been detected and reported ready for use.
Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management


Next select Disk Management under Storage. Your new sata drive should be detected. Right click on the drive and choose Format, follow the wizard steps and give the drive a label.

That’s it. Once done your new drive should show in the My Computer and ready to use.

Reset Administrator Password for Vista or XP

Over consecutive weeks I have couple of friend and a cousin who cannot use their laptops because they forgot or dont know the password for the administrator to login.
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