I keep losing Pagerank

I just noticed that I lost my pagerank on this blog again “Pagerank not Available”. Actually it has been on and off since last year. Check my post last year when my page rank disappered and then came back. Wierd, as I’m not doing any duplicate content and actually this blog hasnt that been active since my busy work schedule. I’ll look deep into this when I get some free time and keep this post updated.

Force.com Certified Developer

Okay been studying force.com for awhile now and I just enrolled for the exam for Force.com Certified Developer. Still one month and half to go but I still need alot of preparation. I’ll take the proctored exam April 21st. Wish me luck.

The Travel and Gobble Project

My wife and I like to dine out alot and experience new foods, we also like to relax, unwind and travel. plan to travel more this year. Since we are both such food and travel enthusiast we decided to create a social business directory website dedicated only to food and travel. We had plan to build this website last year but due to my super busy schedule it always gets pushed to the background. Now we decided to just launch for now as a Beta as not all the features are fully functional yet. It is now on beta and we encourage you if you have a travel agency, a hotel, a restaurant or a resort feel free to sign up and get more exposure to your business. We got alot more goodies instore for this project in the future as I get more free time coding. Visit Travel and Gobble and plan your vacation or dining experience.

Travel and Gobble