How To: Create a Comments Box with Facebook Connect in 5 Minutes

Got to try this out soon. Check out the Vid.

How To: Create a Comments Box with Facebook Connect in 5 Minutes from Pete Bratach on Vimeo.

Create Favicons and Extract Layers from PSD

Another link to goodies. Here you can find plugins for Photoshop. I like the plugin that conveniently creates a Favicon straight from Photoshop, no need for third party applications, if you don’t know what a favicon is – it is the small icon you see before the URL that distinguishes the bookmark from other bookmarks. Also on the same site is nice plugin that allows you to quickly extract a particular layer(s) from a PSD file without opening the file, plus recover layers from corrupted PSD files.

These plugins are free and author only ask a small donation.


Submit a Form using Enter Key

Here is a little Javascript I picked up. I run into a problem in IE wherein a form won’t submit when you hit the Enter key it just reloads itself but clicking the Submit button would processes your form. The form works with the Enter key fine in FF but not in IE.

Chances are that you maybe calling a function on your Submit button that will load the requested page? Something like this?

input type=”submit” name=”search” value=”Search” onClick=”myfunction();” >

Where in the myfunction() function can be anything like validating a page before it submits your data, or trigger another event or load an ajax request.

To fix this and allow using the Enter key to submit your form in IE. Create a new function in your Javascript like below which checks for the Enter key being pressed, keyCode == 13 then call your original event myfunction.

function checkEnter(e){
var characterCode
if(e && e.which){
e = e
characterCode = e.which
else {
e = event
characterCode = e.keyCode

if(characterCode == 13){
myfunction(); // onClick function you were loading on the submit button
return false
return true
} // checkEnter

Then on one of the input fields call the onKeyPress event and call your new function.

input type=”text” name=”keywords” onKeyPress=”return checkEnter(event)” >

All in One Package

I didn’t like using All in One Package during the my early years of learning how to install Apache, PHP and MySQL in my Windows box – there were programs like PHPTriad and similar which offers these three in one convenient installation without getting your hands dirty so to speak on the configuration. From my experience you should start with the manual installation to know the ins and out. That was what I was doing for the years, when a new version comes out I apply the upgrade to my system.

Earlier this month I got this client who uses WAMP 2.0 setup for the system we were developing.  Somehow I wasted several hours trying to make it run on my system. Was getting close but somehow if some changes were done to the system codes I feel it would break again. So I decided to try using WAMP 2.0 and it turns out its not that bad afterall. It has a UI for disabling/enabling extensions and modules, you can still go into the php.ini, my.ini, httpd.conf if you decide to edit manually from a shortcut all in one convenient place in your systray.


It made my work faster, overall if you are using the manual way and move to an all in one package like WAMP 2.0 you would benefit both time and organization. I’m now a believer.