I already tried working for corporate then went freelance, then a short gig in government and now I’m back to freelancing.

I find freelancing more fruitful and there is always room for improvement. You don’t stop learning. It’s having your own business and how you promote it.

If your graphics designer, web designer or web developer, writer or consultant, you need to have some tools in your gear to bag clients and have continuous projects.

Here are some personal tips if you want to start a career in freelance.

  1. The most important tool to your arsenal is a pool of referrals. I got most of my gigs from referral. Word of mouth gets you clients.
  2. Always have a contract ready and be cautious on picking clients that you are not on the lower deal.
  3. Always have a business card ready in all social clubs, events or seminars you attend to.
  4. Keep a list of other peers in different fields so you can refer them some of your clients, eg, SEO experts, software and mobile programmers and other web developer specializing in different language other than the one you know. If you refer them clients they will refer some of their clients back to you.

So before you jump into freelancing, take in some of these tips. I’ll post more soon.

3 responses to “Thinking about being a freelancer”

  1. paolo says:

    thnks for the tip’s sir..!! im planning to be a freelancer 🙂 ..

  2. Nice Tip ..,I just want to ask you how much would learn on a average monthly basis if you are a Freelancer

  3. lopau says:

    there are alot of factors , like if you get the job on project basis or hourly rate , plus location defines rate, example in PI its average $15-25/hour depending on skill level, you can charge more but that may not get you the most projects. So expect 2-5K figures!

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