Create a Web Service using SOAP

This week one of the requirements for our client was to have a application communicate with an external web service running on PHP to generate a barcode sequence. I’ll teach how I was able to setup the web service using NuSOAP and a document/literal as rcp/encoded is not supported by My goal was to make the task easier on php side so from it would make a request by passing a string delimited by an asterisk and pipe. We process the string and return it back as url for the barcode image. I wont be covering barcode creation though in this tutorial but only the web service and sample client.
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Finally passed my Certified Developer Exam

Barely starting developing on for a couple of months and hurriedly studied to prepare for the exam I failed the exam and I retook the exam after a month and failed again, I knew then the preparing for the third retake that I should need a definite study plan and alot more time to know the ins and out. 3 weeks before the exam I studied straight and was ready to take the exam 2-3 days before the exam. The reference materials below helped me in preparing for the Exam. Because materials tends to be updated on new releases make sure you get the latest copies online.
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VisualForce Row Count

This is my first tutorial on VisualForce – a markup language for

The scenario was I needed to display a numbering for each child record found on the master record without coding an extension or using a controller.

My solution. Code below would loop to the child records and display each result found. The number count is declare as a variable with a value that starts at 1 before the start of the repeat tag and then another variable tag declaring using the same variable, using the formula VALUE before the end of the repeat to initialize it from text to a number integer then incrementing it by one.

<apex:variable value=”1″ var=”rowNum”/>
<apex:repeat value=”{!Work_Order__c.Work_Order_Charges__r}” var=”List” id=”theRepeat”>
<td><apex:outputtext value=”{!rowNum}”/></td>
<apex:variable var=”rowNum” value=”{!VALUE(rowNum) + 1}”/>
</apex:repeat> Certified Developer retake

After a few months after failing my 2nd attempt to get certified, actually its me and my colleague that failed the 2nd retake. Now this is my third retake and I have more experience developing applications on so I feel more comfortable that I would really pass it this time. Have close to 3 weeks to prepare. So good luck to me again.

Failed my certification exam

I still could not get over it. I came in prepared thinking I can answer any questions thrown at me. Turns out the certification is way harder than I expected. After the exam I was like brain dead for a minute on what the hell happened. I got another chance to take it again this May. I’m going to use my blog as a resource for certification. I’m going to utilize my blog and start from there. Everyday a new post regarding a feature or scenario seems like a nice approach to take. This time I’m going to know all the ins and outs of like how I know my Photoshop and PHP/MySQL. Arrgh still pissed but I have to live with it.