Back then when we describe the Internet we talk about it being the Information Highway, term social knowledge content wasn’t coined yet. When looking for some quick answers, the results on searches most often times have already been asked on forums or mailing list. Mailing list and forums are of the original types of social media content, now emerging from social media content are social knowledge content. What is it exactly? It is where users share their knowledge on the subject matter and all of these are collected and made easily accessible. Almost anything under the sun is available.

Most popular is Wikipedia succeeded by Yahoo Answers. Wikipedia is free knowledge content that anyone can edit, it tries to give the most accurate information by volunteers editing the post. Yahoo Answers knowledge content legitimacy is still scrutinize but there in place is a voting system on the answers to give more credit to the accuracy of answers. Since then different websites have sprung out of social knowledge content. There are millions of users with these websites, Google saw the potential of these social knowledge content and started the beta for Knol. Tapping into these social markets and sharing your knowledge can give you traffic on your own website and get you clients for your business like a form of viral marketing.

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