Spring 11 is out with a bang with about 170 overall releases.
Here are the new features for the release on Force.com only.
  1. Criteria Based Sharing Rules – allows you to share records based on value of a particular field.
  2. Force.com Flows
  3. Package Support Access
  4. Trialforce Email Branding – if your using trialforce you can brand the email copy instead of the generic sf email when a user signs to your trialforce page.
  5. Mass User Licensing for Managed Packages –  ability to add/remove via a group of users
  6. Force.com Apex Code Enhancements
    ReadOnly Annotation
    Chatter Triggers
    Revised Governor Limits
    Apex Test Framework—Pilot
  7. System Log Console Execution Summary
  8. Visualforce Enhancements – what I like is the support for inline editing
  9. Field Sets—Beta
  10. API Enhancements
  11. Force.com Development as a Service Enhancements
  12. Change Sets—Generally Available
  13. Security Enhancements
  14. Google Chrome Browser Support
  15. Setup Audit Trail Enhancements
  16. Delegated Approval Email Settings
  17. Daily Limit on Workflow Alert Emails – 1000/24 hours.
  18. Sharing Enhancements
  19. Globalization Enhancements
  20. Outbound Port Enhancement

There is alot of changes so don’t forget to check the updated documentation and training help.

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