Wow another long hiatus from blogging, everything seems to move so fast when your busy. Just dropping a new post to remind me to keep this blog alive. Here are rants on some projects I have been busy with. I’ve been into cloud computing since company shifted from PHP/MySQL to and have been very busy with projects. We have a GITEX conference that we are a member and we need to wrap up a SF application. Plus I get to retry that damn elusive certification this November again. I really need to get that certification done with. Arrgh.. So much to learn, so much to do yet so little time that I sometimes feel down. But I shouldn’t let this put me down. I got to be consistent and be the best at what I do.

Another thing bothering me is that I finally got to move out of my inlaws house and now renting a small apartment. I can’t afford a house yet so we are renting. I’m been trying to budget how I can afford to get a new house by next year with all financial strains on our budget. I need to resurrect our savings. Anyway just ranting this out to get it out of my system, good thing I have a blog to write this stuffs about. Now I feel motivated to continue. Thanks for reading.

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