Are you suffering from G.A.S.S.? Yep seems to be viral and it affects the user and not the computer, hehe. GASS( Google Adsense Stats Syndrome) some smart people from the forums coined up the term. It is when you are constantly checking your Adsense Stats as in every 15 mins, every hour etc.. Its like an OC. We all know how it feels to see your earnings rise in the Adsense program and it is very addicting. Constantly checking can be counter productive. You could have finished some other more important stuffs.

If you are using Firefox here are some useful extensions that can automate that task for you.

MoneyQuake – Moneyquake is a extension, which displays your real-time earning statistics from most popular advertisement systems (like AdSense etc)

Adsense Notifier – Displays your Adsense earnings on the statusbar.

Adsense Earnings – Shows how much you have earned from adsense today.

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