Hot Air Balloon photoshoot

Being in Pampanga for more than 10 years now and the Hot Air Balloon event being yearly I really didn’t attended any of the events, but since I started photography classes it was a good experience to do a photoshoot.

So things I learned in this photoshoot so far is that for Aperture to capture the color of the sky without it appearing washout or too white is F8-F11 or higher then for shutter speed 1/100 – 1/250 seems to bring out the deep colors. ISO of around 100-200 only. My setup was only my entry level nikon d60 and starter kit lens 18-55mm.

For these kinds of event having a telephoto lense really helps. drool:)

Here are some pics I took of the event:

Got my first speedlight flash

With the recent resurgent of my enthusiasm with photography, I bought my first low budget lighting system, I don’t want to spend too much on equipments without fully understanding them, my new code is to get experience and knowledge first then do the upgrade, reason why most enthusiasts wallets get burned is they buy on impulse.

I bought a YN-460 II speedlight from a seller in sulit,  cheapest of all the other flash system, so far still tinkering with it to fully understand all the aspects. Took some unboxing pics below

First thing I noticed is the image is crispier when I zoom I can see more details on the subject, the shot is more crispier and sharp.

Here are sample shots I took of our puppy chichi

With the normal builtin flash

With the YN-460 II power level 7 / flash pointed upward

Shutter 1/60
Aperture F5.6
ISO 200